HEADLINE - About Me - Hypnotherpay and Performance Hypnotics in East Sussex

Ritchie Campbell is a highly talented and highly skilled Hypnotist, here is his story...

I was born in Hastings, East Sussex, although a lot of my early childhood was spent in Rainham, Essex. During this time I tested the boundaries with everything I did at all levels, whilst always thinking outside the box with a hint of eccentricity.

From a young age I had an intuitive instinct and was able to pick things up very quickly, this gave me a natural ability to entertain and more importantly I wanted to entertain.

I always knew I destined to be part of the entertainment industry one way or another. As I matured I started to sing, perform and record professionally and worked with many successful bands as the front man. This was both writing my own material and performing covers.

My musical career unfortunately lead me into some dark times – a lot of the music industry is centred around licensed venues and copious amounts of alcohol were consumed by myself. This lead me into a period of alcoholism, something I am not embarrassed to admit, because going through this stage of my life and then coming out the other side has made me a stronger and better person. You learn a lot about yourself and your surroundings when you hit rock bottom, but I used my powerful mind as I always have done, to get me through these obstacles and now I have found my creativity has excelled.

The art and study of mind therapy and related subjects have always been in the forefront of my mind, but coming out of the dark stage of my life gave me a reinvigorated and focused approach to life. I felt the absolute need to help others! Whether it's through therapy or performance, I will make you smile and feel good.

If I ever have the pleasure of meeting you, you will find that I have a happy, confident and positive outlook which shines through without arrogance, I am approachable and enjoy building a rapport with everyone, and you can guarantee you will feel relaxed and in good company when we meet.

Please enjoy browsing the Hypnotix website and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about what I can do for you.

Enjoy Life, Have Fun and Smile!